C2H / Contract Staffing

C2H employees are particularly popular with fast-growing businesses which may need a full-time function filled for a short period of time, and during economic recessions, when it may be difficult to justify a full-time employee and all the benefits costs associated.

Permanent Hiring

Permanent Hiring solutions support your company or your career in the long run. It involves hiring experienced candidates with the skills, talent, and expertise to fill permanent roles and positively impact a company’s success over time. Permanent recruitment solutions allow both organizations and their permanent workforce to grow and build on the shared values that brought them together

HTD Model – Hire Train Deploy

The process of the Hire, Train and Deploy program is as simple as hiring a candidate, training them for an industry-related job with the specific skill set, and deploying them at the client's establishment once the training is over.

IT Consulting & Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is when you hire a company to fill out gaps in your staff. The process is relatively simple: you call a staff augmentation company, discuss your project with them, and they find the personnel for your project. Staff augmentation is commonly used when needing an expert onboard a project already in motion, while consulting is more about hiring a whole team to see a project from start to finish